"My Rescue Dog Rescued Me" Just Went Next Level.

I’m feeling super grateful for all the renegade researchers out there today. And not only for those brilliant scientists and doctors who think outside the box, or create ‘new’ ones, but truly for anyone who has contributed to the betterment of this planet. Like I always say, better health isn’t a science problem, it’s an […]

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Get Yo’ Yang On!

Because this winter has been other than the best ever, this is the perfect opportunity to share with you a yang inspired medicinal broth-type soup that’s both nourishing and warming. I created this easy and perfectly balanced liquid medicinal masterpiece while in Greece this winter. To find out more about  yo’ “yangness” please subscribe to […]

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Instead of Eating Shark, Try Jumping One.

I cannot wait until the dietary labels paleo and primal have jumped the shark joining the likes of their not-so-distant relatives such as raw (and all it’s dogmatic subsidiaries), vegan, Macrobiotic, Blood Type, etc., and the more mainstream faddier dead diets such as Atkins, Weight Watchers, South Beach, Zone, and least not forget the more […]

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